Get a bit more of a taste for sideways

Start developing a taste for sideways via our Rally Taster which offers fantastic value for money (but we won’t be held accountable for getting you hooked on the adrenaline rush!).

After a quick safety briefing, jump straight into the drivers seat of the rally car to start putting the skills and techniques into practice.  Over the next 4 laps sliding around the gravel track, your instructor will push you to break later, slide further in anticipation for the timed runs.  Then you pull up to the start line ready for 2 separate timed runs, each timed runs consisting of 2 laps in order to determine our Driver of the Day …..  Good Luck!

Participants on this course must be 10 years or above, be over 4’10”, be under 6’7” and under 20 stone.

£75 per driver (including VAT)