Many people assume that the only car to go rallying in is a Subaru Impreza or Mitsubishi Evo.  However, at GwynneSpeed Rallying we have intentionally steered away from using heavy cars for our rally experience days so that we can give you, the drivers, a better day out.

We use much smaller, lighter, more nimble cars in the form of Peugeots and Citroens so that our instructors can give you much more freedom to really DRIVE the cars, and trust us, the instructors will push you to go faster where you can.

Company boss Andy Gwynne has won events overall in a S1600 Citroen Saxo with a Subaru Impreza second to him so shall we let the results speak for themselves?

People ask why we don’t use a forest rally track for the rally school – there is a very simple answer to this question – safety and fun (in that order!).  We have deliberately chosen to use a site with no dangerous obstacles (such as trees, boulders and drops) so that we can deliver a more entertaining day out to you guys.  Imagine if our rally track was lined with trees – do you really think you would be given a free rein to really push on and slide the car around?

At our track, if you do get it wrong, you will simply spin off, slow down, return to the track and receive a hearty round of applause from the spectators rather than injuring yourself and the instructor, damaging the car and going home early with a stiff neck – the choice is yours!