The ideal experience for bored kids in the school holiday or 16 year olds who are itching to get behind the wheel of a car.

The junior rally experience is 2.5 hours* and presents the ultimate opportunity for kids to either learn the basics of driving in a safe, controlled environment if they have never driven before or to learn more advanced car control skills in a suitable setting if they already know the basics of how to drive a car.

The junior rally experience starts with an assessment of each driver individually and then based on their level of driving experience, their tuition is tailor made accordingly.  Using our rally prepared junior car, kids with no previous driving experience are taught steering and braking on a loose surface and general car balance.

The junior rally car is fitted with dual controlled clutch and brake pedals for the instructors to assist any drivers with little or no clutch experience!

Kids who have done some driving before are encouraged to gather some speed and attempt some basic rally techniques such as handbrake turns and power slides!

It never fails to amaze us that even kids who have never driven a car before, are driving very competently by the end of this course!

After several driving sessions on our 100% gravel track, the kids have the opportunity to go out for a exhilarating passenger ride with their instructor who will push the car to the limits and bring the PlayStation games to reality.

All drivers receive a copy of their assessment sheet at the end of the course.  For safety reasons, all Junior Rally cars are fitted with an engine cut out switch operated by the instructor.  Participants on this course must be 10 years or above, be over 4’10”, be under 6’4” and under 20 stone.

£129 per driver (including VAT)

Enabled driving approvedThis course is also available through our Enabled Rally Driving Scheme – click on the Speedy Blue Badge below to find out more!

*The course duration is based on a minimum of 5 drivers attending the event but we welcome individual bookings as well as groups.


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Rally driving gift voucher