1-on-1 Rally Tuition


Our 1-1 Tuition course gives drivers an intense experience where the emphasis is very much on you and your improving driving skills and therefore increasing your confidence.  It is more about tuition and learning rather than being designed as a “fun” experience as with our other rally experiences (although the 1-1 tuition course is still lots of fun – how could learning to drive on marbles not be fun?!).

This course is aimed competent drivers wanting to understand more about car control and rally driving.  It is also ideal for current rally competitors looking to hone their skills as well as people who have already completed one of our Rally Experiences and are ready to take their rallying to the next level – actual competitive rally driving.  The course is 3 hours in duration and is 100% tailor made around your strengths and weaknesses as well as any specific requirements that you may have.  You will have a car and an instructor to yourself for the full 3 hours – you won’t be sharing the car with any other drivers.

This course can also be tailor made to offer tuition in your own rally car to gain invaluable practice and “time in the seat”.  Chief instructor Andy Gwynne has designed and built the suspension on all of his cars and so,  incorporated within this tuition, he will advise on any necessary suspension setup changes so that you can win back those few seconds a mile that make all the difference between winning and losing!

Typically, you will learn advanced skills such as how to make the car steer for itself using oversteer, the importance of correct lines, correct approaches and exits into and out of corners and how to conduct the handbrake turn in such a way that you can eliminate a lot of the movement on the steering wheel!  By the end of this course, your confidence will be brimming and you’ll be ready to attack the real rally stages!

We can also offer co-driver tuition and the skills and knowledge required for you to pass the BARS Rally Test, a compulsory test required when applying for your rally competition licence.

Please note:

12 month Gift vouchers can be ordered online for this course but you are unable to reserve a particular date online for this course.  Please call us on 01793 752281 to book your event date.  Thanks

Participants on this course must be 10 years or above, be over 4’10”, be under 6’7” and under 20 stone.

£490 (including VAT)

Enabled driving approvedThis course is also available through our Enabled Rally Driving Scheme – click on the Speedy Blue Badge below to find out more!


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